I Am FatMan – Origin Story

“I’m going to kick your fat ass!”

I’m not fat! Who’s this guy calling fat?

17 years old and driving home, my little sister in the car if I remember right, I flipped off a guy who was tailgating me. Bad decision but my temper won. That temper has won way too often in my life. Anyway, the guy followed me home. I sent my sister inside and she came back out with my grandma. Grandma pleaded with me to come inside. I wasn’t listening.

This guy just called me fat. Seriously! I’ll show you who’s fat old man!

I don’t remember what made him leave, he just did. It took me hours to calm down. Well, it was probably days, maybe weeks. I didn’t care about the guy or the fact that he could crush me or that I put my sister in danger. I only cared about being called fat. No way, no how.

At that point, I was probably about 5’8″ 180 pounds. I’m still 5’8″ and now weigh 224. That’s the bad news. The good news is I was 256 at my heaviest. But I digress…

Fast forward to today. I know I’m fat. I’m FatMan. Nothing wrong with that because I control what happens from here. Self-honesty will lead me to self-discovery. This is just a step, a story. The words will help spur action and that is the only way to change. This is for those around me, especially my kids. They deserve a dad that lives by action instead of existing by excuses.