Of Ice Cream and Fat Men

We all have a weakness or two or 108. One of mine is ice cream. I won’t bore you with the other 107 weaknesses, which only covers my food issues.

Many people say, “Just don’t eat ice cream.” Sure, no problem. How about you give up fresh air? OK, that is extreme. But there are times when ice cream is almost a necessity.

The problem with that mindset is ice cream is both unnecessary and potentially harmful. Ice cream acts as a drug for me in many ways. The thrill of deciding where to get ice cream (read – score some) is almost a high in and of itself. When I crave ice cream, I cannot think of anything else. I won’t get the shakes but I will lose sleep. It isn’t as bad as a drug addiction thankfully.

There are times where I’ve gone months without it. I have given up all sweets for lent several times. Once I remember not having any for six months and another time a full year. So what is different now?

Weakness. Plain and simple, I am weak right now. The willpower is not there for cutting calories, especially the stuff I crave. 

I’ve started to exercise. I’ve given up pop (soda to some of you). It’s a start. Moderation is key I believe. Up the exercise and cut the portions. Sounds simple. If only that were true.