The Word – Intentional

Intentional is a powerful word. My brother and I have been talking about living in an intentional way a lot. Going to eat that pizza? Be intentional. Choosing to not take that run in your training plan? Be intentional. Staying with that job you despise? Be intentional.

Living an intentional life is the opposite of one filled with excuses. When you make conscious, self-honest, intentional decisions, you can rid yourself of negativity and guilt. 

Right now I am choosing to not log my food. It is intentional. That does not mean it is a free-for-all in terms of eating. It means I am intentional about not logging while trying to mitigate poor eating decisions. When I am ready to log, it will be much more productive. Also, I have to eat with intention and not lie to myself about “this is the last time” or “I’ll start tomorrow” that plagues me.

This is not an easy way to live. It causes a lot of reflection. It really doesn’t get easier with time either. It does become a way of life, one to embrace and it makes losing excuses necessary. The discomfort of lying to myself is much greater than the unease of making an intentional life.

I am more intentional on Twitter lately. Twitter is just an outlet that takes less time than the blog. I’m on Twitter as @fatmanstories. My intentional hashtags include: #chooseyourpath, #FatManWisdom, #FatManRising. 

I vow to live a life of intention. Watch me.