Weighing Weighing

I’ve been struggling with when to weigh myself. Like any upright citizen, I went to the Internet for answers.

My Google search has provided at least three solid answers – weigh in daily at the same time; weigh in weekly at the same time; never weigh in. As you can imagine, I’m more confused than ever. 

To better understand what thinner people do, I asked a few. The overwhelming answer was they never weigh in. I did find one that weighs in religiously several times a day, which I discarded as an outlier. 

How do you stay thin if you never weigh yourself? The answer is elegant and simple – if clothes get tighter, cut back on calories. My question is, will this work for a fat guy?

I’m not really sure if this will work or if it is the best approach. I do find it fascinating that the people around me that are already at an ideal weight most often use this method. This has made the decision all the more difficult as this is against conventional wisdom. As much sense as it may make, it is difficult to go against what is “known.”

I end where I began – with weighing in weighing on me. I’ll continue to weigh the options while I attempt to live a better life.