So I Weighed In…

After a fitful bit of sleep, I decided I had to weigh in. I started this lifelong journey at 226 pounds on June 1. On the morning of June 17, I am 223.9 pounds.

Most people in my situation (aka – fat) would not be happy with this but I’m thrilled! My goal is slow and steady, attainable and retainable weight loss. My goal is to steadily become more healthy. My goal is to take off weight a bit at a time as I find my inner athlete. My goal is to make this loss as meaningful in 2026 as it is in 2016. My goal is to show my kids that bigger is not necessarily better. My goal is to find a way to balance life in a whole new way.

Losing 2 pounds in 16 days is not sexy, especially in the era of The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss. I don’t really care. I’m pretty sure this is a much more sustainable approach and I refuse to give in to every bit of pop culture weight loss advice. I refuse to amuse myself to death. #chooseyourpath