Tracking Intake and Eating Out

I started tracking food three days ago on the Lose It app. This isn’t so bad if you are eating at home or if the meal is already in the app. It is a bit of a pain, but necessary for me if I want to get myself under control.

The key wins of tracking meals are conscious eating and self-honesty. When I track, I think about what I’m eating in a different way. I can’t convince myself that, “It’s only a small scoop of ice cream.” It is a small, 300 calorie scoop of ice cream. And what is a “small scoop” anyway? I guarantee my small scoop is way bigger than a thin person’s small scoop.

Then there is eating out. This is a whole different issue. Oddly, eating at national chains, especially fast food, is easy in terms of determining calories. When I eat at my favorite places, those small, independent restaurants, it is nearly impossible to determine calories. The reason that food tastes so good is it is loaded with butter, oil and salt. That’s not necessarily bad in and of itself. It is that I don’t know what is in the food so I cannot determine true caloric intake.

So, I’ll do my best. I can determine a portion and try to find chain restaurant equivalents. I need to put only the portion I’ll allow myself on the plate and get the rest in a box and out of sight. This is not easy. And contrary to so many people’s platitudes, it will not get easier. If it did, I would never have stopped doing it.

Losing weight is easy. Maintaining weight loss is hard. That’s a blog for another day, though. #chooseyourpath #FatManRising