My 93-Year-Old Hero

Last Sunday was a special day. There was a surprise party for my grandma, 93 years young, and over 80 people came out to celebrate with her. Every person in that room was there because my grandma touched their life in special some way.

There were many others that were not there in person but were there in spirit. She heard from a lot of people and some even commented on how they missed being there on a video I posted on Facebook.

The party was a surprise. The plan was to have my little girl walk to her Nonni to distract her from what was going on through the double doors at the end of the hall. The baby is just starting to walk and, seriously, what in the world is cuter than that? To Nonni, there is nothing more precious in the world than her family and the great grandkids hold a special place in her ample heart.

As gram approached the room, I put my hand through the door to signal for the crowd to quiet and the hush was immediate. The look of shock is captured on video and was simply amazing.

This celebration of my grandma’s life helped me understand even more why I put her at the top of my hero list. Her kind, loving heart and devotion to friends and family is a shining example of wht I want to be. She rarely complains, which is a trait I unfortunately don’t possess. Gram is always doting on people. When someone comes over, she always makes some delicious dish that she’s not so sure about, but we always love it. 

She says how blessed she is and she is right. What I don’t know is if she fully appreciates how blessed we are to have her. My gram’s strength, kindness, love, devotion, spirit – they all inspire me to be better. She is a huge reason why I’m determined to be a healthier, more active version of myself. 

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