Hit Reset Now: A Mid-Year Resolution

The year is halfway over on July 2nd. This is the perfect time to hit reset and make a new resolution. 

One of my favorite podcasts – Two Gomers Run For Their Lives – they choose a word to represent their goal(s) for the upcoming year. That word is so powerful. I’ve talked about my word already for the rest of this year – Intentional. 

I want to live an intentional life. Be intentional about every aspect – loving, giving, eating, accepting, exercising, working and everything else life brings. 

This type of resolution, centered on a positive word or mantra, is much more impactful than saying, “I’m going to lose weight; exercise more; be nicer…” The single action type of resolution is easy to break. Once broken, they are too often left in the gutter of life.

But a word. A word you can find again. A word you can commit to again. A word can easily be found in the next moment after you lose it. Words are powerful. I took control of the word “fat” and am changing my life. Now I want to embrace the word “intentional” to improve every aspect of the world I live in.

The Gomers ask their fans (known as “The Nation”) to share their words every year. I’m going to go find that post and read it carefully. I’m also going to challenge people around me to choose a word and share it. The only thing more powerful than the individual commitment to this word is having a support system to help you stay on track.

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