Nine Freaking Days and… NOTHING

I’m about to rant. Some will fully understand what I’m about to say. 

I weighed in for the first time in nine days and lost… NOTHING. Not an ounce. So, I tracked everything I’ve eaten, even when I fell off a bit, stayed close to the suggested number of calories and didn’t lose any weight. Tracking less than 1,800 lousy calories per day and no results.

Rant over. Now I return to my regularly scheduled quest for health and the elusive silver lining.

I have talked about even bothering to weigh myself. In the end, I thought it was an important data point. That’s all it is, though – a data point.

If the scale becomes The Scale, then I’ll take a huge step back. In 42 days, I’ve lost 8.4 pounds. More importantly, I feel better and my clothes are getting loose. The Scale has to remain the scale.

When the scale doesn’t move it is so easy to give up. I wanted to grab a pizza, a bottle of wine and a gallon of ice cream. It took everything I have not to. It still difficult and I don’t think it will end even when the scale moves lower in the very near future.

Part of how I’ve tried to figure out what I need to do is to talk it out with my brother, Joe. He is always there to listen and, although he isn’t the healthiest eater, he is a master of moderation and an amazing runner. Joe’s advice is simple – Trust the process. My response was not quite so positive as I said, “I’m trusting a process that clearly isn’t working. At what point is that insanity?” 

Joe replied back to try monitoring activity. Maybe my activity levels aren’t where I think they are at. Now that is a solid, and likely true, observation.

I believe that this is about more than getting a scale to read a certain number. Joe helped return my perspective to where it needs to be. Now it is up to me to follow through.

Here’s the plan – trust the process and get my butt in gear. I’m in desperate need of more training for the half-marathon. I’m in desperate need of strength training. I’m going to turn that desperation into action. Get moving and trust the process. Simple.

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