Digging for Truth: Examining Indecision, Willpower, Motivation and Priorities

Indecision is exhausting. I don’t think I’m alone here. The time and effort it takes to fret over, well, anything is so darn taxing. 

I think I use other words for indecision sometimes. The two that come to mind are willpower and motivation. Having the willpower to not eat that entire pizza is really a decision between doing it (the easy choice) and not doing it. When I question whether or not I have the motivation to exercise is really a form of indecision. Given how often I have these internal battles, no one I’m so tired every single day!

Now I’m thinking that indecision, willpower and motivation are all dishonest personal assessments. What I’m really saying with all of this is health and fitness are not a priority. 

Priorities are the key here. I may not want to go to work every day, but it is a priority so I do it without (much) question. My kids don’t go hungry or neglected because they are a priority. I guess that means that watching TV on my butt is a priority because I do it without thought or question. When I really think about it, if something is a priority, it just gets done. It becomes part of life. 

That means health and fitness have not been a priority. They still aren’t because I continue to have internal battles over what I should do. I can say that eating better and exercising are priorities, but my actions do not prove that out.

Self-honesty is at the heart of this journey. This is not easy because there are raw emotions and unfortunate truths that come pouring out. When I tell someone that I wish I had their willpower or motivation, I’m really saying I wish I had their priorities.

Understanding how I really view my priorities is an extremely difficult realization. It hurts to know that my actions and my intentions are not in sync. If I want to really achieve my goals, a giant shift in priorities has to happen.

Time to quit using the wrong words for what is really happening. This is not about indecision, willpower or motivation. This is clearly about my priorities. Only my actions will tell me when I’ve figured it out.

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