A Vacation Epiphany: Live a Life of H.O.P.E.

Our family vacation was a road trip to Nashville. The drive was nice and it gave me plenty of time for personal reflection. 

I thought a lot about how much effort I’ve put forth so far to lose some weight and get healthier. In general, I see these efforts as a success. Some specific areas are frustrating, especially the number on the scale.

The drive did help me have an epiphany. I have been struggling with how to simply live my life. Writing that down sounds like a huge problem. It really isn’t. It is more of my take on a philosophy of life. How can I take my experiences and goals and synthesize them into a way of life?

Then H.O.P.E. hit me. The acronym stands for – Humility, Opportunity, Passion and Effort. These guiding principles should make for living a pretty darn good life!

Humility is something I have struggled with forever. My tendency to always be right is one of my worst attributes. Practicing humility will allow me to be wrong without care and right without having to point it out. Humility is one of the most attractive qualities I see in other people I admire. Given all of that, it is definitely something I need to strive for.

Life is full of opportunities. Every moment presents a new one! The issue is seeing the opportunity through all the junk surrounding it. Finding just one more opportunity to act on each day will improve life immeasurably. Today the opportunity was writing this post to get it all started. A small opportunity to seize but they all count.

Passion does not have to burn white hot. Too many times I use this term incorrectly. Having a passion for something means suffering a nearly uncontrollable urge to act upon it. It should hurt to not exercise or to not spend meaningful time with my family. There is no need to define passion because it will be obvious. What I have to do is act with urgency to fulfill that which I am passionate about. 

This all leads to effort. This is where I have fallen down all too many times. Often I tell myself I am passionate about something (maybe running or blogging) but my effort does not match. My effort to eat amazing food and drink great wine has never been a problem. I’ve never had an issue finding time to put forth the effort to sit on the couch and watch television. Now what if I turned my efforts toward tasks that will make a much more positive impact on my life? What are my limits if I choose to put forth more effort every day toward these core values? I guess we will find out.

I believe there is so much more lurking inside me. I don’t mean there is some 165 pound Adonis with six-pack abs. That ship sailed a long time ago and is superficial. What I mean is that there is a happy, healthy, productive, impactful person inside that I have to slowly coax out. I cannot let the mental fat win. Mental fat guy says my capabilities are limited. I hear the voice warning, “You are older. Know your limits.” My answer now to that mental fat guy is a firm – Screw you!

H.O.P.E. will make my life better. I believe it and now it is time to put it into motion.

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