Too Much is Always Too Much

I was talking to a fellow fat person the other day and they were bragging about being able to, “Eat a ton of this stuff and it was only about 200 calories total!” I asked what constituted a ton and they said it was the equivalent of four full servings. The item was a snack food and it meant eating the entire large package.

I asked what else they were doing about health. The subject didn’t change from food as they explained how they would eat four to five sugarless jellos to satisfy their sweet tooth. I asked about exercise and they said, “Nah. I’m not ready for that.”

This was tough to hear for me because it was like looking in a mirror where I could see myself in the recent past. I now believe this approach is not only wrong but also dangerous. This approach is not conducive to a long-term strategy to maintain weight loss and health.

If you eat too much, it does not matter if it is potato chips or kale chips. It does not matter if it is chocolate cake or sugar-free lime jello. It does not matter if it is grilled chicken or a perfectly marbled rib eye. The fact is this – too much is always too much!

Today, you may be able to eat those kale chips in volume and the calories are reasonable. If you think that you won’t slowly revert back to potato chips or Cheetos, you are likely not being honest. There is a very small percentage of us in the overweight category that will be able to eat kale chips the vast majority of the time for the rest of our lives. That is the exception, not the rule. 

Most of us will slowly drift back to eating cake, cheese puffs and rib eyes in the same quantity we were eating the “healthy” foods. We need to change our habit of overindulging in anything if we want to capture the ever elusive realm of long-term success.

Learning about moderation is not easy. That is why I now track every single meal, 51 days and counting. That doesn’t mean I never overeat. I’m not perfect, but logging the overeating keeps me honest about it. I no longer seek out volume foods to stuff myself in order to capture that euphoria so many of us overweight people chase. In order to not overeat the “bad” foods, I cannot overindulge on the “good” stuff. 

The volume habit is a tough one to break. I am still learning how to be hungry. When I talk to friends that are thinner, they tell me they are often hungry and have learned to deal with it. Not starving mind you, but a low-grade bit of hunger that lingers. I am starting to understand this and how to deal with it. It’s ok to be a bit hungry. It may even be healthy.

On the other end of the spectrum, too little exercise is just as bad. Activity is critical. Just upping my activity on a daily basis by a moderate amount has paid dividends in how I feel throughout the day. I expect it may pay off on the scale in the long run too but that’s the lagging indicator.

Too much volume of food with too little movement is a recipe for disaster. You may be able to lose weight with this formula because that is simply based on calories in versus calories out. However, I am highly skeptical of any type of long-term success with this approach. The rate of recitivism from this approach has to be high. I know I’ve failed with it at least five times. You know what they say about people who do the same things over and over again expecting different results…

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