Friday Craving – One Donut Won’t Hurt, Right?

When I worked at Hub Group, they generously brought in pastries and bagels on Friday for the employees at corporate HQ. That Friday fix was awesome. 

The craving has gone away for the most part. But there is one particular piece of perfection that still haunts the deep recesses of my internal fat guy. The chocolate donut. 

This is no ordinary chocolate donut. This donut is perfectly balanced with just enough chocolate covering the succulent pastry. Every bite is bliss. And they were rare, which only added to the legendary status in my mind. 

People waited to race to the break rooms to grab one before they could be snatched up by another. We would grab two if we could to help out a friend in need. The disappointment of missing out for a week or two only added to the delight. 

Why the company didn’t order more is a mystery. Where the donut came from is also a great unknown. We know the bagels and most of the pastry came from Panera. Yet Panera does not sell donuts like these, at least to the general public. 

I thought about trying to track down the donut. Now I’ve reconsidered. The memory is enough and I don’t want to ruin the taste that lingers in my mind. The calories in my memory equal exactly zero. If only the actual donut did too.

#intentional #HOPE #FatManRising