These Questions Go To Eleven

I’ve received some questions that really made me think. I wanted to take some time to answer them. In an ode to Spinal Tap, these questions go to eleven. 

1.  What diet are you on?

A:  The simple answer is, I’m not on a diet. I do log my food. I was using LoseIt but went back to MyFitnessPal. The MFP app has more users and functionality. It feels more like a community which really helps. I use the app to approximate the number of calories I have for the day. That’s my budget. If I want more calories, I have to exercise to earn them. At about over 80 days into this method, it is pretty much habit.

2.  How much weight have you lost?

A:  Not enough. Since I started the blog, I’ve lost 14 pounds. Which often leads to…

3.  Do you want to lose weight faster?

A:  In this Biggest Loser/reality show era, we are trained to think we can lose 5 to 10 pounds (or more) per week. I am not in a reality show, I’m in reality. I’m not playing for $100,000, I’m fighting for a better life. I’ve dropped massive amounts of weight quickly before and it did not work. This time, it is not about the weight, it is about the overall lifestyle I need to lead to live a long, healthy life.

4.  So, how much do you want to lose?

A:  I have put a goal weight of 175 in. I started June 1 at 226. On January 2, 2011, I was 246.6. In December 2011, I was 206. That was the lowest point for me in the last 5 years. The numbers will come. Whether the weight I maintain is 185, 160 or 175, I am working toward stability.

5.  Why didn’t you confront that Young, Fit Couple?

A:  Those that know me best were shocked I didn’t turn on those kids and give them an earful. The reason I didn’t was a mystery to me at first. It was so far outside my nature and my instincts, I didn’t really get it. Then when I received dozens of messages of encouragement full of humbling words, I knew why. I needed to write a blog post about the event and share it because so many people confront that type of ignorance (and worse!) daily. We need to be a community of support. Be human, be kind.

6.  Are you enjoying training?

A:  Yes. For the first time in my life, I am loving the journey. Running is now a part of my life.

7.  Do you really like running or just trying to convince yourself you like running?

A:  This is a more than fair question. I lied in the past to myself and anyone who would listen because I hated every step. Now, I don’t like it, I love it. I consider myself a runner. Slow and steady, but always forward!

8.  Do you get a lot of support from your wife and family?

A:  Hard not to tear up answering this one. I get more support than I deserve. Gretchen, the kids, my parents, friends, everyone is beyond supportive. I’m blessed and I cannot thank them enough.

9.  What are your other goals?

A:  I’m going to do this half-marathon in October then consider what is next. I want to do a full marathon for sure. My biggest goal is to live healthier and injury free. I have some bigger things in mind too.

10.  Your dad said something in his post about a podcast. What’s a podcast and are you really going to do one?

A:  A podcast is a digital audio file you download and listen to when you can. If you haven’t gotten into podcasts, you are missing out. There is something for everyone. And yes, I am considering a podcast. I want to do one and need to fully prepare for the commitment. And find a good co-host. I don’t think anyone wants to listen to me solo.

11.  What food do you miss most?

A:  I don’t miss any food because I still eat everything in moderation. Yes, everything. If I want a scoop of ice cream, I have it. I just don’t have a three scoop banana split anymore. Pizza, pasta, everything. Moderation is how I’ve decided to do this. See question one – no diet, lifestyle!

Thank you for the questions. And thank you all for your support!

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