The Holidays – The Battle Begins!

Let’s face it, the holiday season brings a mountain of tempting treats, bad choices and some version of, “I’ll start after the new year.” For a fat guy like me, the holidays are full of celebration coupled with a bit of dread.

I end up regretting eating so much. Every year. Every. Single. Year. So, will this one be different?

The answer is yes. In the past, I made excuses and did not own my choices. This year, regardless of how much or how little I eat, I will make conscious choices. Everything I do will be intentional.

The run I’m about to take will help mitigate some of the damage. The 10 pounds (yes, 10!) of mashed potatoes I’ll make for the family will quickly cause a choice because I love this stuff. 

The recipe for this year will be a cup of balance, a tablespoon of intention and a pound of self-honesty. I want the holidays to represent friends, family and a bright future. Live well now to live better later. 

Don’t lie to yourself over the next six weeks. Don’t say you’ll start eating better or exercising more come the new year. Start today. Go ahead and celebrate, just do so intentionally. Find balance and ask for help when needed. We have it in us to be better – today.

#intentional #FatManRising