The Excuse/Weight Gain Correlation

Understanding how things connect help me as I continue on this journey. And I think I’ve hit on a big one. One I’ve likely always known, but could not come to grips with.

There is a direct correlation to making excuses and weight gain. The more excuses I make, the more weight I gain. This seems to be exponential. As excuses go up, weight is gained faster and faster.

Excuses and rationalization are part of life. I need to learn to eliminate them as much as possible. To only try to mitigate the impact of the excuse is not a solution. 

I’ll go ahead and eat five million calories because I know I’m going to be on the right path tomorrow. If I commit to running the next two days, I can skip today. It’s only one pizza. I needed the sleep, that’s why I didn’t get up to work out. The list of excuses goes on and on and on and…

Part of being authentic in 2017 is to share failure and not be overly positive in public while struggling in private. Well, this excuse thing is in overdrive and I have no idea how to fix it.

Is this just who I am? Am I fooling myself into thinking I can actually live a healthy active life?

Deep down I believe I’m ready to do more. I have the support I need from friends and family. So, it is really up to me. Now that I know the correlation, will I do anything about it? Since I don’t know how to fix it, I’ll have to take some action and see what happens.