That Was a Lie

Yes, I heard those words, “that was a lie,” in the voice of Maury Povich. My life, in that moment, was a bad meme.

Luckily, this lie is in the past and I plan for it to stay there. At least mostly. 

I conducted an experiment on myself yesterday. I wore my FitBit and pretended I was the “old” me. That meant just working, not moving with any purpose. What would happen? How many steps would I take? What would my calorie burn be?

The reason I did this is I can remember being defensive about how much I moved on a daily basis without exercise or purpose. “I move plenty!”

Maury’s voice echoed, “The FitBit determined, that was a lie.”

When I don’t make sure I move, I really don’t move. The total steps were a pathetic 3,498. Sure, it is a sample size of one, but I know that this was a representative day when I didn’t wear my FitBit on days I didn’t run.

Worse yet, I had a work dinner last night that included lamb three ways, so I ate plenty on top of not moving. (Yes, the lamb was good in all three forms, as was the rest of the dinner.) Lesson learned. Point made. 

This little experiment helped me put into focus that I can be lazy if I don’t pay attention. If I decide to just work and only care about one facet of my complex life at a time, I will sit on my ample rear and my weight will grow. I will be out of breath going up stairs. I won’t be able to get on the floor and play with my little one. I won’t be able to hike or run around outside with any of my kids.

I take this as a positive outcome. The person I’ve been for years is not what I want to be and I’m working to change that. Confronting your demons is often the only way to move forward. I lied to myself for years. That cannot continue.

The next time the FitBit runs out of battery (which happens all too often if anyone from FitBit is paying attention), I have to consciously move. The FitBit is my lie detector, but it cannot be solely responsible for how I live my life. That, clearly, is up to me.

Time to go to work. Time to make sure I move.