(Warning – I’m going to swear here. Possibly a lot.)

Two weeks ago, I threw a self-pity party. I put it in blog form for the world (or a dozen of you) to see. I had a written temper tantrum. All part of the process? Probably. I am trying to be authentic in life and that was a part of it.

My wife knew to leave me be. My brother told me to trust the process and keep moving forward. It’s only one metric. My friends in Sub-30 were this perfect mix of empathy, encouragement, and a much needed kick in the ass.

And it worked. I went for a run and felt better. I even came up with a mantra that I have adopted as my new personal favorite hashtag, #IWFC. I Will Fucking Conquer.

I was pumped. This is what I needed. It was exactly the type of mantra for every aspect of life.

Then life happened and I got down on myself. Work took over. I became crabby and full of shitty choices. Make no mistake, I made the choices. This step backwards was fully conscious.

Having to find a way to constantly reset and pump myself up is fucking exhausting. It is much easier to stay motivated. At least in terms of physical activity. This food thing, well, I still don’t have that solved. I like food. I really like highly caloric food. I also would like to live past 50 and be super active, so something has to give.

Over the last week I’ve come to realize what #IWFC really means to me. It means I will continue to pick myself up no matter how many times I fall (shoutout to Phillip). It means making good choices 80% of the time is a huge victory. It means that I have a lot of life ahead of me to achieve these goals IF I follow these rules.

Focus is a key. A little better every day is the key. Forgiving my failures is most definitely a key. Excuses are poison and have no place in life. #IWFC embodies the life I’m living now and in the future.

I hope others join me and hashtag #IWFC out of their posts. #IWFC is so much sweeter when you get to share the conquering with others.