Sometimes You Have to Suck It Up

Last night was fun. We spent time with some great friends we had not seen in a while. Our hosts are incredible cooks. We brought a few bottles of wine. I may have had too good of a time.

We ate a lot. Thankfully, I was driving, so my wine intake was very modest. But I ate so much I could not sleep. When it was time to get up and run this morning, I didn’t do it.

I spent the better part of the morning with my two-year-old daughter, Michaela, as my wife went out for a mani/pedi. In between playing, reading, and making my little one laugh, I did ten minutes of daily meditation. After Michaela tired of daddy time, I knew my wife would be home soon and I logged on to see what the Sub-30 Club was up to.

When my wife arrived home a little after 11am, I had some choices to make. Reading the Sub-30 posts provided plenty of inspiration. The 82-degree heat and 85% humidity de-inspired.

Then I thought about my cousin and her team doing the Avon 39 walk this weekend. My cousin was out in this heat raising funds for breast cancer research. She had put my mom’s name on her shirt. To top it off, my mom’s last day of chemo was this last Friday.

So, I told myself to suck it up. (For those in Sub-30, I literally told myself #SIUP!) I threw on my gear, including the glorified fanny pack we runners call a “fuel belt” and got outside. I set out to do 30 minutes and did it. I drained water and fuel as I fought the urge to stop. Suck it up, big boy, you have no excuses.

This was not my fastest 30-minute run. It was one of my most satisfying. It was hot, hard, and sweaty. The smile I had as I finished had to look ridiculous. Good. Ridiculous is good.