Happy New Year!

I’m declaring July 1st New Year’s Day. My calendar year has been ok so far. I’ve had ups and downs but overall, pretty good. The issue is these last couple of weeks have been a big struggle. And I’m ready for a fresh start.

My New Year doesn’t have to be anyone else’s, although I’d invite anyone else that wants to have a fresh start along for the ride. This New Year isn’t about resolutions or empty promises. This New Year is about reflection and action.

For too long, I’ve compared myself to others. I don’t think, “I wish I looked like that guy” or “I wish I was as fast as that woman.” What I do is more, “Someone else has it tougher, so what the hell is wrong with you?”

Slowly, I’ve come to realize my struggle is my struggle. Your struggle is your struggle. It’s personal. Maybe someone has a dreaded illness and that’s why they are having a hard time. Yes, I am blessed that I don’t, but it doesn’t make my issues less real, less destructive.

Time to really own this. I’ll continue to find inspiration and support from so many people in my life and, I hope, for all those yet to come. I won’t compare myself to you though, which is likely good for both of us.

I’m going to look deep. I’m going to listen more. I’m going to turn into the skid and confront my demons head on. I’ve looked you in the eye but I flinched. Now, you are mine. I’ll own you with every pounding step, every good food choice, every quality minute I spend with my family. Be scared because the fire has been building and I can feel the renewal surging through my blood.

Dramatic? Yep. And no apologies. Time to take what I do in my professional life and bring it home. Innovate or wither away. The time is now. Happy New Year!