Sugar, Willpower & BS on the Scale

Five weeks ago, my wife and I decided to get rid of added sugar and processed carbohydrates. The initial few days sucked. The headaches were awful and I suffered a bout of insomnia that I won’t soon forget. But the results were just as impactful as we both lost weight.

The weight loss has slowed for both of us, as we expected. What I didn’t expect was to gain weight. I’ve played with how much I eat, when I eat, what I eat, and I just stay in this same three-pound range. My wife is still dropping overall, albeit slow.

So, what’s the point? The willpower it takes to stay on track in this situation is enormous. This is where I always fail because the willpower fades and I cave to my desire to eat all the pizza.

This time is a bit different because it isn’t just willpower. Five weeks of avoiding something makes it a way of life, a habit even. Plus, we are doing this together. We both have the desire to lose weight and be healthier. If I was doing this alone, I would have inhaled a trio of jelly donuts while planning the easiest way to get a loaf of Marconi bread.

This time is different because the craving is 100% mental. I have zero physical cravings at this point. I really don’t even want the scoop of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream that was a staple of my food fantasies for decades.

But when the scale is not moving in the right direction, my mental state takes a nose dive. The scale is BS and I know it. Why do I worry about that one metric so much? I can only say that it is the ONLY metric that seems to matter to most fat people and I’m no different.

I want to lose weight. The weight is an indicator of progress. How do I reconcile all of this?

Maybe, just maybe, the scale is a lagging indicator. Maybe my body is getting healthier on a metabolic level and the weight comes off a little later. I picture an avalanche of fat rumbling down the drain one day soon as my body realizes it has lost the fight.

I want to do this and my wife won’t let me fail. She listens as I threaten to unleash my voracious appetite on our unsuspecting kitchen. Then she just offers to make something new for us to try based on the lifestyle we have chosen. Yeah, if we weren’t in this together, I’d fail but we are, so time to push on…

2 thoughts on “Sugar, Willpower & BS on the Scale”

  1. Forget the scale, use measurements. Many people I know (including myself) have done Whole 30 type programs where you are on a clean diet for certain period and you realize the struggle truly is a mental one. We have used measuring (chest waist hips arms thighs or any combo of these) and stayed on track simply by measuring…then when the scale doesn’t move, and you’ve still lost 1/2 an inch somewhere it calms your mind and keeps you motivated. Keep striving Pete. You got this.

  2. The scale is something I fixate on as well, but I don’t agree with the fact that it is not important. I do think it is part of the big picture. Is it the most important? No. You will know when you are “re-proportioning”. You’ll feel it. Your clothes will fit better. With me, it was my ability to tie my shoes without breaking into a cold sweat. Cutting the sugar etc. was the right move.

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