A Year Later, a New Open Letter to the Young, Fit Couple

Dear Young, Fit Couple:

It’s been just over a year since we crossed paths. I thought I’d let you know how it’s going. (If you missed the letter, you can read it here.)

The weight loss has not gone as planned. I’m almost the exact same size. And still sweating buckets. But, other than that, I’m much different than the fat guy you encountered last August.

Over the last year, my anger has gone away. Which leads me to this – I’m sorry. I was really angry and hurt. Maybe rightfully so, but still, I should have been the metaphorical bigger person as well as the actual one.

I was snide in my letter and I judged you as much as you did me. I see that now. That’s an example I do not want to set for my kids. So, I apologize.

I’m in a better place now. My eating habits are great, despite the scale not cooperating. My wife and I are in it together now and it is simply awesome.

Oh, I also found the Sub-30 Club! These are seriously amazing people that are with me when I run. I may run solo, but I don’t run alone. You should check us out on Facebook. I think you’d find the constant uplifting messages rewarding. Yeah, we kick each other in the butt, too. It really is like a big family.

With the encouragement of the Subbers, my wife, my brother, and some close friends, I’m really a runner now. I am still getting in better shape, sure, but I have a ton of confidence. I know I will conquer what I set out to do. I even made that a hashtag – #IWFC (I Will F’ing Conquer). Feel free to use it because it is motivational.

I also found meditation. It’s great to start the day in a state of mindfulness. I find it easier to cope with whatever is in front of me the rest of the day. It may not work for everyone, but it has for me.

My kids are doing incredibly well. All three are thriving. My son is running cross country and getting faster every week. He also conquers ninja warrior obstacles in a way that amazes me. My daughter made the cheer squad and continues to excel at tumbling. And my toddler is happy and smarter than I ever imagined.

Maybe telling you about my kids is a little much. I’m not fully over that part. If you ever have kids, believe me, you’ll understand and forgive me this transgression in my apology.

Overall, I’m happier, healthier, calmer, and more grateful than a year ago. My life is richer and fuller. I hope yours is too. I hope we get to meet again and this time have a conversation. I’ve learned so much and want to be a positive force in this world. Maybe you’ll become Subbers and help push me. Maybe we’d have a positive impact on your life. Maybe we would become friends, put this incidence behind us and be a shining example to others. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Kind regards,