Morning Mental Block

I need to get out and run this morning. My desire to do it is just not there. Today is different from my regular routine because work won’t let me do this run any other time. Why the mental block?

This seems to happen way more often (exclusively?) in the morning. If I needed to run and had put it off until the afternoon, I would go. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I tried going over to the Sub-30 Club and reading the EMC (Early Morning Club) posts because they are motivational and that usually works. Not today. I’m paralyzed and almost out of time.

Last week I only ran three days. I need to run four as I get the miles in for my half-marathon coming up in late October. So, what am I going to do?

Here’s the plan:

1 – Don’t obsess. It’s one run. This is not the run that will determine if I finish that race.

2 – Commit to the morning. I like running in the morning. For a while I had a routine where I would get up and meditate, then run. I still meditate, but not always in the morning. I fit it in where I can. Back to routine because that helps.

3 – Be on my feet more today. If I don’t run, which I’m not going to now, I will at least get steps in.

4 – And finally, post a training plan by Friday for the rest of this half-marathon cycle. The public accountability always helps me.

Easy, right? No more morning mental blocks. Well, at least not every morning mental blocks.

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