We Made a Podcast and I Learned SO Much

My wife, Gretchen, caved and we have a podcast. Because we had this website and blog already, we called it, without creativity, FatMan Chronicles. (You can find it here on iTunes.)

We’ve made three episodes and a few dozen people have listened. I really didn’t know if anyone would bother, but they did. A few have even reviewed us which, I’m told, is critical for others to find it. It would be fun to grow the audience and see what people think.

The podcast is about us. We are a couple that struggles with weight and health. We talk about topics that are important to anyone who battles in these areas. Statistics tell us 2/3 of Americans are overweight so there must be a few like us out there.

I’ve learned a ton already doing this project. Besides all the technical pieces that go with doing a podcast, I’ve learned so much about myself and Gretchen.

I already knew Gretchen is great and I was confident she would be a natural. What I learned is everyone else things so too. The feedback about how natural she is and how engaging her stories (and voice and laugh) are is heartwarming. It’s pretty cool when people outside of those you really know tell you your wife is great at anything. And it was a relief to me because, although I was confident of this outcome, Gretchen wasn’t and I’m sure it has made it easier for her to continue to support this crazy idea.

The other big piece of feedback is that we are natural and authentic. That last word is what I’ve based my year on and it is unbelievable to hear others use that word about us. We are always ourselves and it feels good to know that is coming through.

Now about what I’ve learned about me. I say “so” and “for me” a lot. Not surprisingly, I’m not hearing the good parts of what I’m doing and criticizing myself way too much. I don’t think I’m the reason someone wouldn’t listen, although it is possible (ok, probable).

Listening back, the podcasts are objectively good. There is a warmth between us that comes across. Our struggle and stories are genuine and, as we’ve heard, authentic. We are connecting with a few people. If this improves our journey, and helps a person or two along the way, it is more than worth the time, money and effort. Three episodes down and here’s to many more!